Life in Isolation

Isolation is a challenge for seniors.  My personal experiences include:

  • I bought eight swim dress cover-ups as my uniform.  They feel like nighties, but I can go outside to pick up packages left at my door without revealing too much skin.
  • Ken and I stood in the kitchen Wednesday trying to figure out what day it was.  We missed Tuesday and I am not sure what happened between Monday (trash day) and Wednesday.  More of the same ol’, same ol’ happening.  The upside is that winter will go much faster if all our weeks are only six days.  Let us do away with all Tuesdays!
  • I never wanted to ZOOM, but now it is a must.  I had a tech in to put ZOOM on my phone, computer and laptop.  I was unsuccessful at setting up a meeting with Sarah this morning, but she managed to invite me into her home.  I am a work in progress.
  • I have learned to cut Ken’s hair GI style. 
  • Shipt delivers our groceries.  I struggle with product sizes.  Either we seem to have enough spaghetti sauce for 100 or only enough juice for one serving.  I am literate.  Within the next year, I will master ordering.
  • I am playing Words With Friends on three different sites.  Sometimes I am holding my phone and looking at my computer as I play several games at once.
  • Perhaps my best lessons in this “hell” is that 1) I can live with myself; 2) I can live with Ken; 3) I can let go of the rage and move toward more productive thought patterns; 4) I am certain my convictions regarding justice, hope and change are well-founded; 5) I am grateful for my sense of humor, friends and family; 6) I can do this another year.

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